The Maryland Worker's Compensation Act requires your employer to carry worker's compensation insurance. The Act covers disability or death resulting from an accidental personal injury suffered by an employee that arises out of and in the course of his or her employment. In addition to accidental injuries, the Act covers certain occupational diseases if the employee suffers a disablement or dies as a result of the disease. The employer/insurer will be required to pay benefits if the occupational disease is an ailment, disorder, or illness that is the expectable result of working under conditions naturally inherent in and inseperable from employment, and is usually slow and insidious in its approach. The most notable claims among occupational disease are carpal tunnel syndrome, mesophelioma, asbestosis, cancer, heart disease, and hypertension. Jack Ryan Terziu is a worker's compensation attorney in Middle River, Essex, Dundalk,White Marsh, Baltimore, and Harford County who is an expert at proving accidental injury or occupational disease. 


Under Maryland law, police officers, certain correctional officers, fire fighters, and members of a rescue squad who have been impaired by heart disease or hypertension, and in some situations, lung disease and cancer, are entitled to a presumption that their injuries were caused as a result of their employment while in the line of duty. 




If you are injured while working, an employer may not terminate you solely because you filed a claim for worker's compensation. The Maryland Worker's Compensation Commission is required to liberally construe the law in favor of injured employees, and any uncertainty in the law is to be resolved in favor of the injured employee. Sounds benevolent and easy, right? Nothing could be further from the truth. Your worker's compensation claim is fraught with potential pitfalls and, in many cases, will be vigorously disputed by your employer and/or the insurance company. Do not attempt to handle your worker's compensation claim alone. Jack Ryan Terziu is your worker's compensation lawyer in Middle River, Dundalk, Essex, White Marsh, Baltimore, and the surrounding counties.   


If you are injured on the job in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Catonsville, Dundalk, Essex, Middle River, White Marsh, Harford County, or the surrounding Maryland area, contact Jack Ryan Terziu for a free consultation regarding your worker's compensation claim. Your employer's insurance company may have paid you for your lost time, but you may not have an actual claim filed with the Worker's Compensation Commission of Maryland. Jack Ryan Terziu is your best legal choice in bringing your worker's compensation claim.


Without a claim at the Worker's Compensation Commission, you may not be able to receive important worker's compensation benefits such as medical treatment for life or a disability award for your work-related injury. Jack Ryan Terziu is the worker's compensation attorney in the Baltimore County, Catonsville, Dundalk, Essex, Middle River, and White Marsh area who will fight for you to receive the worker's compensation benefits you rightfully deserve.


Jack Ryan Terziu is a worker's compensation attorney in Baltimore County, proudly serving Baltimore City, Catonsville, Dundalk, Essex, Middle River, White Marsh, and the surrounding counties. 


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