If you or a loved one have been injured in an car, truck, or motorcylce accident, do not attempt to settle your own claim. You could be leaving valuable benefits on the table. You have the right to be compensated for a number of things you may not have considered. There is no fee unless we make a recovery for you. 
Call the Police

If you are in an accident, a police officer may be an invaluable resource in establishing which driver(s) are at fault. Insurance companies do refer to the police report in deciding liability. Before you give a statement, it is a good idea to speak with your lawyer about your car, truck, or motorcycle accident. 

Gather Essential Information

-Name and address of driver

-License plate number

-Insurance carrier

-Name, Address, phone number, and email of witness

-Take pictures of the entire scene and vehicles involved

Only Share Essential Information

Only share the essential information with the other drivers involved in the car, truck, or motorcycle accident. An at-fault driver's insurance company will often attempt to get your statement to use against you in later proceedings.

Seek Medical Treatment

If you are in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, injuries do not always result in immediately noticeable pain. Consult a doctor or hospital if there is the slightest chance you may be injured from a car, truck, or other motorcycle accident. Contact Jack Ryan Terziu immediately for more information about your right to choose your own medical provider. 








Promptly Notify Your Insurance Company

If you are in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, your insurance company may assist in gathering evidence on your behalf, as well as open an auto accident claim for a car rental, property damage repair, and personal injury protection. Jack Ryan Terziu will speak with your insurance company on your behalf about your car, truck, or motorcycle accident.


Schedule Your Free Consultation

If you are in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, call or email Jack Ryan Terziu for a free legal consultation. 

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