Anxiety, fear, depression, relationship conflict: many of these problems are related to overwhelming financial burdens. If you are looking for an affordable bankruptcy attorney in Middle River, Essex, Dundalk, White Marsh, Baltimore or the surrounding counties, call Jack Terziu. If you are upside down on your car, your home, experiencing loss of income, or facing insurmountable personal debts, lawsuits, or wage garnishments, bankruptcy may be an option to give you a clean slate and fresh financial start. There is a good chance you may able to file bankruptcy and still retain your home and vehicle. If you are seeking a free consultation from a bankruptcy attorney in Middle River, Essex, Dundalk, White Marsh, or Baltimore, call Jack Ryan Terziu.  


Jack Ryan Terziu is an affordable bankruptcy attorney in Middle River, Essex, Dundalk, White Marsh, Baltimore, and surrounding Maryland counties who will review your assets, debts, and income, and discuss with you whether bankruptcy is an appropriate action for you. If bankruptcy is not an appropriate option for you, Jack Ryan Terziu will counsel you in regards to options other than bankruptcy. The initial bankruptcy consultation is completely free.  


Upon a filing of bankruptcy, your creditors will be notified that they must cease all debt collection efforts. Jack Ryan Terziu's dedicated support staff will notify the courts in which you have been sued, as well as your payroll department to stop paycheck garnishments. If your house is scheduled for sale at a foreclosure or similar auction, or if you are scheduled for an eviction from your rental unit, Jack Ryan Terziu will notify the creditor, sheriff and/or auctioneer. By filing a bankruptcy, you may be able to delay a foreclosure or eviction and extend the time in which you can stay in your home. 


Jack Ryan Terziu is a bankruptcy attorney in Middle River, Essex, Dundalk, Baltimore and surrounding counties.


For more detailed information in regards to an eviction and bankruptcy, please review the following notice from the United States Bankruptcy Court.


For more information regarding the United States Bankruptcy Court:


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